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  • There has been a gold rush for play-to-earn games involving blockchain and NFT technology.
  • These involve gamers buying and using or trading in-game NFTs.
  • One venture capitalist, EQT’s Lars Jörnow is skeptical as NFT sales crash.

Investors and entrepreneurs betting their money on blockchain gaming as the future of the industry are promising gamers a world where they not only play for fun, but play to earn. But for one VC, the verdict is still out.

Lars Jörnow, founding partner at EQT Ventures and former head of mobile games at Candy Crush developer KIng, told Insider that his firm was not “super bullish” on NFTs, the tokens used to reward gamers in blockchain games with decentralized ownership of unique items.

“There’s not really been a problem with centralized ownership, so from that perspective I’m not sure how much better decentralized ownership of in-game items is,” he said.

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