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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak critiqued Apple's latest product.
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  • Steve Wozniak said there weren't many differences between the new iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12.
  • The iPhone 13 has a better camera, battery life, and stronger glass than the previous iteration.
  • Wozniak has critiqued Apple devices after the company's product launches in the past.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak isn't impressed by Apple's recently launched iPhone 13, saying he "can't tell the difference" between his iPhone 13 and its predecessor, the iPhone 12.

"The software that's in it applies to older iPhones, I presume and that's the good part," Wozniak told Yahoo News, also noting that he can't tell the difference between the new Apple watch and the previous iteration. The new iPhone 13 has been applauded for having a longer battery life, better camera, and stronger glass than the iPhone 12.

"In technology it's like you always want to kind of keep up with the newest and sometimes you are five years behind, seven years behind, you know, and it's still working for you and it's just like that's where the sales come from," the Apple co-founder said.

Wozniak founded Apple Computer with Steve Jobs in 1976, but hasn't hesitated to critique Apple's devices or business practices.

In 2017, Wozniak also said he wouldn't buy the newly released iPhone X, expressing doubts about the new iPhone's facial-recognition software and saying he was already happy with the iPhone 8, which closely resembled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6.

After Apple CEO Tim Cook sent him the iPhone X, Wozniak slammed the phone for its lack of intuitiveness, saying that earlier Apple products like the Lisa computer were simpler to use.

The Apple co-founder has also said he supports tech users' right to repair their own devices, a stance that puts him at odds with major tech companies, including Apple, that have attacked right-to-repair laws on the federal and state level.

Despite his critiques, Wozniak isn't stingy with praise, saying in 2019 that the Apple Watch was his "favorite piece of technology in the world right now," thanks to its ability to cut down on smartphone use.

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