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David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
  • A man dressed as an Amazon delivery driver is stealing packages instead of delivering them in Richmond, Virginia, according to police.
  • Wearing a company vest, he approaches homes carrying dummy boxes and switches them for full ones delivered by Amazon, the police said. 
  • The alleged “porch pirate’s” photo was released by police, who are seeking more information.
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Police in Richmond, Virginia, said on Friday they were searching for a man dressed as an Amazon delivery driver who was stealing packages from doorsteps rather than dropping them off. 

Wearing a vest that looked similar to ones worn by Amazon delivery drivers, the man had been stealing packages for a few days, the department said. He walked up to homes with a dummy box, and exchanged it for full boxes, police said.

“A male, wearing a blue delivery-type vest, much like the one in the photo, has been stealing packages from porches in recent days. With a box in hand he would approach a porch with parcels already present and switch them out before leaving area in a waiting blue vehicle,” the department said on Twitter. 

Police released a blurry photo of the alleged thief, although it was difficult to identify the person. He wore a blue Amazon delivery vest, along with gloves, a hat, and a face-covering. He appeared to have sunglasses on. He carried a small box, which appeared to be empty. After stealing packages, he made his getaways in a blue car, possibly a Nissan Sentra, officers said. He did not have an Amazon truck, they said. 

Suspect Richmond Police
A man wearing a blue Amazon vest has been stealing packages in Richmond, Virginia, police said.
Richmond Police Department

A Richmond Police spokesperson told local station WTVR: “In several incidents, the adult male wore a blue delivery-type vest which could give onlookers the impression he was legitimately making deliveries.” In the released photo, it’s daylight. 

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WTVR said Amazon confirmed that the man was not an employee. 

It’s not the first time a  “porch pirate” has been caught in the act. At least one security expert has been offering advice, including allowing delivery drivers into your garage. 

Police around the US have been issuing warnings about package theft. In Romeoville, Illinois, town officials posted a video that included an actor dressed up as a pirate, saing on Twitter: “Be on the lookout for porch pirates and follow these tips to avoid having your packages plundered!” 




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