iced Starbucks drink
Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images
  • A hack to get an extra free Starbucks drink is going viral on TikTok.
  • The hack has divided the comment section, and baristas aren't convinced it would work.
  • The video calls for customers to request no ice in the drink and a separate cup of ice on the side.

The latest TikTok drink hack has some on the internet up in arms. 

A TikTok posted by the user starlight_1995 calls for Starbucks customers to order their drink with no ice along with an extra cup of ice on the side, which in the video ended up doubling her order. 

"Buy one drink and get 2 free with no additional charge," the user wrote. The video has racked up nearly 700,000 views. 

Some commenters said they had been doing the same for years to make room for more of the drink in their cups and to avoid paying for a drink that's half ice.

"As a starbucks barista... do your thing!!! I tend to make ppls drink with light ice unless they want extra ice," one commenter said.

Others weren't as enthused by the quality of the drinks or the hack itself. 

'"Good job, you've accomplished two watered down drinks," one said.

"The tactic doesn't work at bars either. Just because you order no ice doesn't mean you're entitled to more drink," another said. 

People who said they were Starbucks baristas in the comment section added that a drink with no ice can be more difficult to shake and that some would still give the customer the same amount of drink, even if the customer requested it with no ice. 

However, many were unempathetic to Starbucks potentially having to give customers more bang for their buck. 

"These employees are acting like the drinks are coming out of their paychecks," one commenter said.

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