• A Supercharger station in Germany just opened a pool for drivers to swim in while their car charges.
  • The pool is run with solar power, and is meant to hold four people at a time.
  • People have to show their Tesla app and that they're charging their Tesla to get entry to the pool.

Tesla owners in Germany now have a place to cool off instead of sitting in their car while it charges.

On August 1, a Tesla pool opened at the Ladepark Kreuz Hilden electric vehicle charging station in Hilden, Germany.

The pool was Tesla's idea, according to the station's owner, Roland Schüren.

"We all are working together, the three partners with Fastned, Tesla, and Seed & Greet, on the beautiness of the site, on the user convenience," Schüren told David Reich, the host of the Tesla Welt Podcast.

According to Schüren, Tesla said it would provide the ground for the pool, the water, and the energy to run it. Reich also said people from Tesla are taking care of security, safety, and even towels, by partnering with a local dry cleaner.


The pool, which looks like a large black shipping container, only allows four people inside at one time. However, drivers won't have much time to spend in the pool, considering their car will charge in a few minutes.

A large Tesla logo is printed on the outside of the pool, and black beach balls inside the pool are also printed with the Tesla logo.

"The site is even nicer, it's better, and that's fun to make the business run like this," Schüren said.

To get access to the pool, drivers have to show their Tesla app and that they're charging their Tesla at the Supercharger station.

"I think this is an awesome idea from Tesla," Reich said. "The legacy automakers, they are just finding out that they need a proper, fast charging network, and now this is not enough anymore. If you want to get customers, you also need a super pool."

Reich said the pool is only available at the Hilden station, and is a first test from Tesla.


The charging station in Hilden, which opened in 2020, has 40 charging modules, and is one of the largest chargers in Germany, according to David. The station was opened in a partnership between Tesla, Seed & Greet, and Dutch electric vehicle charging station company Fastned. The station has a solar roof, and the Fastned chargers are powered by sun and wind energy.

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