Love Cloud
  • Love Cloud, a charter flight company, offers 45-minute 'mile high club' flights over the skies of Las Vegas.
  • The experience includes a red carpet, red satin sheets, and sex-position pillows. 
  • Tickets can range from $995 to $1,495, and pilots are equipped with noise-cancelling headsets.

If you want to join the "Mile High Club" without being banned from an airline, a charter flight company in Las Vegas will let you have sex 5,280 feet in the air for a price tag of $1,000. 

The company, Love Cloud, equipped the interior of a twin engine Cesna with red satin sheets, sex-position pillows, and a foam mattress.

Love Cloud
Love Cloud

Though the pilot is separated from the couple by only a "secured curtain door," the company's website says the pilot wears a noise-cancelling headset to give passengers privacy.

"Almost every single flight ends in complete happiness," Anthony Blake, a co-owner and pilot of Love Cloud, told Buzzfeed. "People are saying they've had the best sex of their lives. Weeks later, they're still talking about it."

Blake also told Buzzfeed that the company's flights have seen proposals and love stories, as well as group sex and swingers.


The cheapest option called the "silver package" gets passengers in the air for 45 minutes for $995, while an extra $100 pays for a 60-minute flight, and $1,495 pays for 90 minutes in the air. 

The company also offers wedding and vow renewal flights and a "romantic dinner" flight, which is complete with a flight attendant, and a three-course meal. Passengers on the mile high club flight can also upgrade their experience with limo transportation to and from the airport, champagne, a dozen roses, and chocolate for an extra fee.

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