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  • YouTube announced the biggest changes to its creator monetization program in 15 years.
  • YouTube will share ad revenue with Shorts creators who have 1,000 subscribers and 10 million views.
  • It’s a major shift, but some creators expressed concerns about the money going to music labels.

During an event on Tuesday dubbed “Made On YouTube,” the video giant issued an implicit challenge to TikTok by announcing ad revenue share at scale for short-form creators.

While YouTube is the first major platform to move beyond a creator fund for short-form video — an update cheered by many — some questions persist about how much money creators will be taking home.

That’s because YouTube is allocating a portion of total Shorts ad revenue to cover music licensing. The platform did not specify how much of the total revenue pool will go to the music labels and declined to disclose further information to Insider. The remaining amount of the ad revenue — all that doesn’t go to the labels — will be divided between creators (45%) and YouTube (55%).

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