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  • A sudden, catastrophic failure of Twitter is unlikely, insiders say.
  • Still, they expect a stream of problems to pile up to the point where it no longer can function.
  • With so few employees left to share critical work, “Twitter is done,” a former employee said.

Twitter’s technical strength is being put to the test under the leadership of Elon Musk, leaving insiders and experts to agree that a breakdown of the site is possible, even likely, in the near future.

Sites like Twitter do not simply go dark in the face of issues that cannot be fixed quickly – or at all. Yet, with more users than ever before and drastically fewer employees thanks to the combination of a mass layoff and a mass resignation in just three weeks of Musk’s ownership, serious technical issues seem bound to occur. 

Entire teams within Twitter have effectively shuttered through Musk laying off about 3,500 people earlier this month and an estimated 2,000 people who resigned on Thursday in response to the billionaire’s ultimatum demanding “extremely hardcore” work.

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