President Donald Trump on Friday morning said Iran was “playing with fire” as his administration reportedly considered new sanctions on the country.

“Iran is playing with fire – they don’t appreciate how ‘kind’ President Obama was to them. Not me!” Trump tweeted.

The reported sanctions would come after Iran test-fired a ballistic missile last week.

The test prompted harsh words from Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who said Iran was carrying out “destabilizing activity,” and from the president, who tweeted Thursday that “Iran has been formally PUT ON NOTICE.”

The new sanctions could target more than two dozen Iranian entities and “may mark the opening shot in a more aggressive policy against Iran,” Reuters reports.

A top adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Thursday that Iran would not yield to “useless” US threats from “an inexperienced person,” according to Reuters.

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Trump was extremely critical of the Iran nuclear deal during his presidential campaign, vowing to police it and calling it “the worst deal ever negotiated.”