• The Nighttime Rejuvenation Facial costs over $2,000.
  • Guests are sent home with products from La Prairie’s Platinum Rare line.
  • The facial claims to promote healthier skin overnight.

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– So there’s actual platinum in there?

– Yes, so we do use water-soluble platinum.

– Oh. I thought we were just using nice names.

– Right.

– But, no we’re being literal.

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– No.

– The height of luxury.

So today I’m here in Central Park to visit the La Prairie Spa by Ritz-Carlton. And, here’s the thing, this facial costs over $2,000. For $2,000, I could buy myself a new laptop, I could go to Disneyland for over three weeks, or I could responsibly save for my New York City rent. But instead, I’m gonna go have a spa day at a five-star hotel. To find out what makes this facial worth the opulent price point, we met with the spa’s director.

– The La Prairie Spa at the Ritz-Carlton unites the elegance of La Prairie with the Ritz-Carlton feel and service. La Prairie is the premiere luxury skincare brand in the world. We incorporate all the most luxurious ingredients with some of the rarest ingredients. Emily: Their most luxurious menu item is called the Nighttime Rejuvenation Facial.

– We’re incorporating the entire platinum collection into the treatment. It’s tailored towards some of our most exclusive guests. But we do recommend it be done after 6 p.m. in the evening because the product and the full treatment of facial, massage on hand and feet, really allow for that nighttime rejuvenation. It allows time for the product to sit on the face and then have the time overnight to really maximize its benefits.

Emily: According to Christian, the cost of the facial includes an aesthetician and a massage therapist working together, the use of premium, top-of-the-line products from La Prairie, and a goodie bag filled with three full-sized versions of products from the Platinum Rare line. It’s finally time to test out how these products actually feel and find out if at this steep price point they’ll really help me fall asleep.

Aesthetician: This is a welcoming, warm towel just to relax you. Emily: The first step is La Prairie’s gentle, creamy cleanser. Aesthetician: La Prairie is the most innovative line in skincare, so the technology, the innovation that goes into antiaging products always starts with La Prairie, then it trickles down, and before you know it, all the brands are using what they’ve developed. For people who really care about being the first and using the best of, La Prairie is the product line for them.

Emily: La Prairie is a luxury skincare line that unites science with precious ingredients like gold and caviar. It’s the real reason this facial costs so much. We did some research of our own and found out that the total cost of the three products guests are sent home with is equal to about $2,000. The total cost of the entire Platinum Rare line used in the facial is equal to $5,685. This means once you’re sent home with the products, this facial is essentially complimentary. So, in the end, if you’re buying luxury skincare, it’s technically not a bad deal, but the products are still out of most people’s price range. So are they worth the steep price tag, even if you get the facial for free?

Aesthetician: So now I’m going to start using some of our Platinum Rare line, and that’s what this facial focuses on. All of the products from the Platinum line use the platinum peptide, which La Prairie scientists developed. And, so, it’s the most innovative thing in skincare. The peptide allows the skin to firm up, to be more elastic. It helps with collagen synthesis.

Emily: So, yes, the Platinum Rare line uses real platinum. Warm, red derma globes help the product penetrate into the skin.

– I’m gonna use one more drop of that Platinum Rare Night Elixir, and this is included in the facial, so you’ll be sent home with this, and you can continue what we’ve started here today.

– One drop at a time.

– One drop at a time, absolutely. And even though it’s a 45-minute facial, you’ll certainly notice a refined texture and quality to the skin immediately afterwards.

Emily: Guests at the Ritz-Carlton can request the Nighttime Rejuvenation Facial in their room, in bed. My carriage, however, had turned back into a pumpkin, or more accurately the subway, and I headed back to my Brooklyn apartment. So I’m back in my room, and I think the true test of the Nighttime Rejuvenation Facial is going to be how I sleep now that I’ve had it. So I will let you know in the morning. Goodnight.

After the facial, my skin had never looked better. Not only that, but I got just about the best night’s sleep of my life. I slept so well, I had a bit of a hard time communicating just how I felt. At the end of the day, if you’re someone who really wants to invest in skincare, this facial is for you. It uses top-of-the-line skincare innovation, teaches you how to achieve flawless results, and sends you home with some of the best products that money can buy. Personally, I’ll have to stick to my drugstore skincare for the time being, but maybe someday I’ll go back… if not just for another glass of Champagne.

I’ll be having some more of that.