• The Beekman is a luxury hotel housed in a renovated New York City landmark building dating back to 1881.
  • The preserved nine-story atrium is a breathtaking architectural triumph often utilized for high-fashion photo shoots, music videos, and of course, hundreds of Instagram photos.
  • I spent a night in a Studio Suite, which starts at $462 a night. It’s a great splurge, but a more affordable Superior Queen begins at $262 a night and is equally well-appointed.

Entering The Beekman is like taking a step back in time, and for good reason. The building dates back to 1881.

Temple Court, as it was once known, originally housed prominent New York law firms in a multi-tenant office building. It was also one of the first skyscrapers in Manhattan – at just 10 stories.

Since those early days, the building fell into disrepair and was eventually abandoned, but thanks to its Queen Anne-style architecture and stunning nine-story atrium, it was named a city landmark in 1998. The atrium, crowned by an oversized iron and glass skylight, was unsealed years later and the building became a hotspot for fashion and music video shoots. In 2012, plans were announced to convert the landmark into a hotel, and four years later the highly-anticipated The Beekman, a Thompson Hotel, hosted its first guests.

The building’s architecture and charm remain the main draw, but the five-star hospitality doesn’t hurt either. I stayed in a Studio Suite, which was comped for review purposes, but starts at $462 a night in low season and can reach over $700 a night at peak.

If you really want to feel like a 19th-century oil baron, spring for a Penthouse. Housed in the building’s original turrets, the 1,200 square foot, multi-story suite offers 40-foot ceilings, lounging and dining areas, a stone fireplace, and a private outdoor rooftop terrace. But brace yourself – a night in one of these rooms starts at $6,500.

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Though at a luxury property like the Beekman, you really can’t go wrong in a standard room. If you’re okay with a smaller space, the Superior Queen is the hotel’s most affordable, but least spacious option. It begins at a very reasonable $262.

Keep reading to see why I was so impressed by The Beekman.

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Foto: The hotel’s exterior is so unassuming that I had trouble finding the hotel at first.sourceJen Gushue/Business Insider

When I first arrived at The Beekman, I found myself wandering around the block, unable to find the entrance. While The Beekman is named after one of the streets it occupies, it’s entrance is around the corner on Nassau St., and the unassuming gray awning blends in too well with the stone facade.

It doesn’t help that the entrance was partially obscured by construction scaffolding, either.

Foto: The front desk is upholstered with antique Persian rugs, immediately transporting you back in time to old New York.sourceJen Gushue/Business Insider

As I stepped into the expansive lobby decorated with antique tile, dark wood paneling, and a wide concierge desk adorned with Persian rugs, I was completely transported into the old New York world of The Beekman, and immediately forgot about any confusion caused by the inconspicuous entrance.

It was a slow Monday afternoon, so I was greeted right away and checked in with ease.

As the concierge explained the standard details of Wi-Fi and check out times, a porter silently snuck up behind me, and nearly startled me with his attentiveness. It also made me feel wildly important.

He took my bag, and we journeyed deeper into the century-old building. As we waited for an elevator, he gave a miniature history lesson, revealing details about the building’s past and its architectural details, but saving the big reveal for when we got upstairs.

Foto: The Beekman’s atrium, preserved from the original 1881 architecture, is the focal point of the landmark building.sourceJen Gushue/Business Insider

As we stepped out of the elevators, we were greeted by the atrium, the stunning crown jewel of The Beekman hotel.

From six floors up, the porter encouraged me – if I wasn’t afraid of heights – to take a peek over the exquisitely-detailed Victorian ironwork railing. I gazed down to the lobby bar below, and then up at the huge skylight bathing the halls in natural light.

Once I collected my jaw up off the floor, I went to my room.

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Foto: The Beekman’s Studio Suite is spacious without feeling cavernous. It starts at $462 a night.sourceJen Gushue/Business Insider

While several rooms are straight off the atrium, mine was down the hall a bit, away from the noise of the elevators, which I appreciated.

I spend the night in a Studio Suite, which is in the hotel’s mid-level pricing tier, and the largest accommodation that’s still a single room. Larger suites venture into multi-room setups.

At 475 square feet, my room was one of the largest hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in. I appreciated the amount of freedom I had to move around, and as someone used to just a bed and perhaps a small chair in a hotel room, it was novel to have options.

There was also a cocktail table in front of a two-seater sofa, a marble desk where I did some writing, and of course, the King bed.

When I travel, I often don’t spend much time in my hotel room, so for my purposes, it felt a bit excessive. But for those who need the space, the Studio Suite felt spacious without seeming vast and empty. The price, which begins at $462 per night in the low season, felt like a solid value for a luxury Manhattan hotel.

Foto: How amazing is this lamp? I loved the style and look of my suite.sourceJen Gushue/Business Insider

The room’s eclectic style struck a balance between modern and elegant, with stand-out bespoke lighting fixtures designed especially for the hotel. I particularly fell in love with a blue porcelain Japanese foo dog lamp on the nightstand. I even contemplated how much they might charge me if I brought it home.

Foto: The double vanity was a serious upside to the Studio Suite. Smaller rooms have only a single sink.sourceJen Gushue/Business Insider

The bathroom was also a highlight. My partner and I always seem to fight for sink space in the morning, so it was lovely to brush my teeth in peace.

The waterfall shower left a bit to be desired as far as water pressure, but a second hand-held showerhead did a much better job. That is, if you’re coordinated enough to use it without soaking the towels hung on the wall. I was not.

Though my room was on the sixth floor, I did hear a lot of street noise. The Beekman is in a busy downtown location, so sirens and honking were frequent during the day. As the neighborhood settled down for the evening, I stopped noticing as much noise, and wasn’t awoken at all. But I do live in New York and I’m used to sleeping through car alarms and ambulances. If you’re a light sleeper, you may want to ask for a room on an even higher floor or facing a quieter area.

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Foto: Part of The Bar Room as viewed from the second floor of the atrium.sourceJen Gushue/Business Insider

Under the atrium is The Bar Room, The Beekman’s lobby bar, decorated like a well-worn library with dark wood, leather seating, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

The look is a nod to the Mercantile Library Association, which used to be housed in the building, and was a frequent haunt of Edgar Allen Poe.

When I was there, I stumbled upon an editorial shoot taking place, proving it was clearly a place to see and be seen for the aesthetics alone. While I didn’t partake in cocktails, there were plenty of hotel guests and New Yorkers using the space to work and chat around the clock.

Foto: I had a delicious breakfast at Temple Court. The atmosphere was quiet and relaxing at 8 am on a weekday.sourceJen Gushue/Business Insider

The hotel also has two restaurants and a lounge.

Temple Court from celebrity chef Tom Colicchio is an upscale American restaurant that takes its name from the original building. My breakfast was delicious, and I can highly recommend dining here.

There’s also Augustine, a French brasserie by restauranteur Keith McNally, as well as a speakeasy-style lounge called the Alley Cat Amateur Theater. Specializing in Japanese-inspired cocktails and an Izakaya-style menu, the underground haunt is open late nights from Tuesday through Saturday and features nightly live sets from musicians and DJs. I stayed on a Monday night and, unfortunately, missed out.

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The Beekman is a short walk to some of downtown Manhattan’s great landmarks, like Battery Park, which is also where you can take in exquisite views of the Statue of Liberty or catch the Staten Island Ferry (which is a completely free way to see the Statue of Liberty up close).

On your way to Battery Park, you’ll pass Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, Trinity Church, and the famous Charging Bull statue. You’re also not far from the Freedom Tower and the 9/11 Memorial.

On a nice day, I recommend walking across the nearby Brooklyn Bridge to check out DUMBO, a trendy waterfront neighborhood in Brooklyn.

The Beekman is also near The Oculus, a hub for both the New York City Subway and the PATH train into New Jersey, as well as a high-end shopping.

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The Beekman has an excellent 4.5-star rating on Trip Advisor, placing it number 36 out of all 506 hotels in New York City. Guests rave about the stunning architecture, the warm and helpful staff, and the vibe of The Bar Room and Temple Court.

Those unhappy with their stay are few and far between, but the common complaints that do exist seem to all be noise-related, with some noting you can feel the subway trains go by underneath you, and others citing that rooms just off the atrium experience noise from the bar drifting up to the rooms. Many complained of all-night jack hammering from the construction next door, but those comments are from several months ago, and I didn’t hear any construction noise at all. It’s likely that phase of the building project is over.

Booking.com ranks The Beekman similarly, with an outstanding 9.1 out of 10 from 2,482 guest reviews. Because The Beekman is so highly-rated, Booking.com has given it the distinction of one of their top hotels in New York.

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Who stays here: Those looking for a luxurious hotel experience in Manhattan away from the overwhelming atmosphere of Midtown, as well as folks with an eye towards architecture, design, and a love for “old New York.”

We like: Temple Court. Join hotel guests, locals, and Wall Street execs alike in this quiet but consistently busy restaurant for an outstanding breakfast.

We love (don’t miss this feature!): The atrium. The preserved 1880s Victorian architecture really shines in this grandiose yet intricate nine-story focal point of the hotel. It’s stunning.

We think you should know: The Beekman has a complimentary House Car that will take you to DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, or anywhere in downtown Manhattan south of Canal Street.

We’d do this differently next time: Stay on a different day of the week to take advantage of the Alley Cat Amateur Theatre, the speakeasy-style basement lounge with live music and DJs. They’re closed on Mondays, which is when I stayed and missed out.

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The Beekman is a slice of old New York, preserved, renovated, and modernized.

Impressive original architectural elements remain, and the hotel has done a marvelous job of bringing the building back to its glory while energizing it with the hospitality of a luxury hotel.

The building, however, is merely the backdrop for a truly upscale experience, with courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly staff; bespoke eclectically furnished rooms, and outstanding on-site food and drink.

If you’re a light sleeper, you may have trouble with city noise creeping into your room, but that’s the price you pay for staying in the heart of downtown Manhattan – that, and upwards of $250 a night. But it’s worth it to stay within this intricate slice of history.

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