You don’t need to spend your stimulus check in order to grow a successful side hustle. In fact, you may not need to spend any money at all. Three experts told us how to start a zero-cost side hustle during the pandemic.

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This week we have info on how to use your stimulus check to invest in your career, how Chattanooga is recovering from the pandemic, how to get the maximum amount forgiven from your PPP loan, and more.

How to use your $1,200 stimulus check to invest in your career, so you can find a dream job or finally advance in your current role

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Foto: Open up new opportunities for yourself. Source: Mario Tama/Getty Images

If you're receiving a stimulus check, consider investing it in your career development. That way you'll be more hirable, even in a tough economy. Upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium account ($30 per month); buy a comfortable office chair ($160); or sign up for career coaching ($750 for a month).

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A Tennessee town is rebounding after being hit by tornadoes and the coronavirus in the same month - and its successful game plan is a case study in American resiliency

chattanooga mayor berke

Foto: Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke was expecting a blockbuster year for the city in 2020. Then the coronavirus hit. Source: Richard Feloni/Business Insider

Chattanooga was hit with a deadly tornado amid its efforts to navigate the coronavirus pandemic. Here's why it's response could be a blueprint for other American cities trying to reopen in the middle of a crisis.

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A top self-storage exec explains how demand and occupancy within the sector have been resilient during the coronavirus pandemic: 'It's a great performing asset class as compared to other property classes'

Self Storage

Foto: Source: Jeff Greenberg / Contributor/ Getty Images

First-quarter data will likely show little impact from the coronavirus outbreak on the self-storage sector, according to Steven Weinstock, who oversees one of the major self-storage businesses in the US. Here's what you need to know about the business.

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What small-business owners need to do to get the maximum amount forgiven on their PPP loans

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Foto: Here's how to determine if your federal relief loan will be forgiven. Source: Pekic/Getty Images

The senate recently approved $310 billion more in funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which offers forgivable loans to struggling small businesses. Experts say to maximize the amount forgiven from your PPP loan, it's important for the money to be spent on allowed expenses such as payroll costs, rent, and utility bills.

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