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  • Troy Gayeski, former co-CIO at hedge fund SkyBridge, joined $25 billion FS Investments in October.
  • He sees markets transitioning from “green” to “yellow” now and could flash red light next year.
  • He shares how investors can plan ahead, diversify risk, and boost income with alternative assets.

After an “Uptober” where the S&P 500 gained 6.9% to close at a record high, stocks are roaring into what’s historically been “the best month of the year.”

However, investors should expect anything but smooth sailing going forward.

With the Federal Reserve likely to announce tapering at the FOMC meeting this week and rate hikes potentially in store next year, investors could be walking into “multiple 10% corrections” in 2022, according to Troy Gayeski, who joined the $25 billion asset manager FS Investments as chief market strategist in October.

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