trump prayer circle
Evangelical faith leaders form a prayer circle for Trump during a rally for evangelical supporters at the King Jesus International Ministry church, Friday, Jan. 3, 2020, in Miami.
Lynne Sladky/AP
  • Evangelist Jeremiah Johnson apologized for prophesying that Trump would be re-elected in 2021.
  • Johnson previously said in a lengthy prophecy that "God had chosen Trump."
  • Johnson broke with other evangelicals, who still believe that a miraculous reversal of the 2020 election results will happen.
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Self-described prophet Jeremiah Johnson has publicly apologized for saying that Trump would be re-elected president in 2020.

The prominent evangelical leader announced in a now-deleted open letter to his Facebook followers that he was shutting down his ministry, "Jeremiah Johnson Ministries," and that he would be removing all the ministry's social media handles over the next week.

In a YouTube video titled "I Was Wrong," Johnson apologized for his inaccurate predictions and for his repeated claims that Trump would be re-elected against all odds.

"I believe that it is a tremendous mistake to take the next four years to argue and debate and cause division and grow more prideful talking about how we think the election was taken from Donald Trump. I actually believe we need to take the next four years and humble ourselves," he said in the video.

Johnson said as well in the video that fellow evangelical Christians "need to recognize that God is up to something far greater in the prophetic, charismatic movement."

"We need to stop, we need to take a breather, and we need to come back to a place where we can begin to dialogue about these issues rather than be so triggered," he said.

Johnson's change of heart is surprising, as he used to be one of the former president's staunchest supporters. In 2015, he predicted that Trump would win, as he had been "chosen" by God. He did so again in 2020.

According to Newsweek, Johnson said he had made this decision "after much prayer and the clear direction of the Lord."

In doing so, Johnson has broken with other evangelical leaders, some of whom still claim that there will be a miraculous reversal of the 2020 Biden presidential win.

According to a Politico article, televangelists like California Pentecostal pastor Johnny Enlow still claim that the "January 2020 inauguration date doesn't really mean anything." Enlow goes on to say in a YouTube video that more than 100 "credible" Christian prophets were continuing to back Trump, prophesying his return to power.

Enlow is among many charismatic, prophetic Christians who also believe deeply that Trump is still president or will ascend to power again, The Washington Post reported.

According to the Religion News Service, Johnson will be starting a new ministry called "The Altar Global." As part of this new ministry, Johnson will no longer offer "prophetic commentary" but will instead help prepare the world for the "end times."

The ministry's website says that The Altar Global will "prepare the Bride of Christ for the return of our glorious Bridegroom King Jesus," doing so through a one-year intensive program in North Carolina, as well as through local and national conferences.

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