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  • Todd Kellenberger is a REIT client portfolio manager at Principal Global Investors.
  • He told Insider that six non-traditional property picks are producing benchmark-beating returns.
  • Kellenberger also said he selects REITs based on the qualities of the company and their location.

Retail investors should shrug off recent concerns about a real-estate-market bubble and continue to buy REITs, according to Principal Global’s Todd Kellenberger.

“Demand is exceeding supply, and you have accommodative monetary policy, you have open well-functioning low cost of capital available,” Kellenberger told Insider in a recent interview. “There’s definitely reason to believe that it is an opportune time to be investing in real estate markets today.”

That’s good news for Kellenberger, who manages Principal’s $25 billion REIT client portfolio. A REIT (real estate investment trust) is a company that owns income-generating properties. Individual investors can buy individual shares of REITs on a stock exchange, which makes them more liquid than traditional real estate investments.

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