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Every week we bring you an overview of the most important executive changes from the past week. This week, the former CFO of Snap, Tim Stone, was announced as the new Chief Financial Officer of Ford Motors. Read more about this and other notable executive changes.

Ford names Tim Stone from Snap as Chief Financial Officer

Ford has announced Tim Stone as its new Chief Financial Officer. Stone was most recently CFO at Snap where he left after just eight months on the job. He succeeds Bob Shanks at the car-maker. Stone joins Ford after decades of experience in the tech industry. He served for 20 years at Amazon, where he led financial support of several of the company’s most significant business initiatives and oversaw operations for others.

Perry Chen steps down as CEO of Kickstarter

Perry Chen announced in a blog post that he is stepping down as CEO of Kickstarter. He will remain involved with the company as Chairman of the Board where he will focus on high-level and long-term company needs. Aziz Hasan, the head of Kickstarter's Design & Product teams, will be stepping into the role of running day-to-day operations as interim CEO.

Boeing names leadership for joint venture with Embraer

Boeing has announced three leadership moves aimed at further strengthening the company's global presence and preparing for its joint venture with Embraer. The new venture will be led by John Slattery, who currently heads the commercial aviation division at Embraer and will become chief executive officer of the joint venture with Boeing. B. Marc Allen, the current president of Boeing International, was named senior vice president of Boeing and president of Embraer Partnership and Group Operations.

Kevin Tsujihara to step down as CEO of Warner Bros.

Kevin Tsujihara announced that he will be stepping down as CEO & Chairman of Warner Bros. Entertainment. The decision follows an an exposé in the Hollywood Reporter, which described text messages between the executive and Charlotte Kirk revealing that Tsujihara would push for auditions for the actress amid an apparent sexual relationship that he was having with her. A successor has not yet announced.

Fox Corporation announces full leadership team including Hope Hicks and Paul Ryan

Fox Corporation has emerged as a standalone entity following Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox. The company has also formally announced that Hope Hicks who previously served as President Donald Trump's Communications Director, will be joining as head of communications and Paul Ryan who previously served as the 54th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, will be joining the board of directors. Explore Fox Corporation's org chart here!

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