• There are a few minor plot holes and inconsistencies on “The Big Bang Theory.”
  • Some viewers have noticed that Sheldon was once referred to as a Taurus even though that zodiac sign doesn’t match up with his birth date.
  • Also, Leonard supposedly has a serious snoring problem even though other characters have said that he doesn’t snore.
  • This post contains spoilers from “The Big Bang Theory.”
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Many shows have minor plot holes and continuity errors that only the most eagle-eyed fans catch. And although it focuses on a group of intellectuals, “The Big Bang Theory” is no exception.

To prepare you for the upcoming series finale, INSIDER compiled a list of a few of the most confusing moments and puzzling inconsistencies on “The Big Bang Theory” that you may have missed.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead.

No one can decide how long the elevator has been broken.

Foto: It’s quite unclear.sourceCBS

Way back during season one, it is said that the elevator has already been broken for two years. But that doesn’t really gel because, during season three, it’s said that an experiment of Leonard’s (that failed) broke the elevator seven years ago – which confuses the timeline.

The same actor has played two important characters in “The Big Bang Theory” universe.

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Foto: He played Leonard’s high-school bully and, later, Sheldon’s dad.sourceBill Inoshita/CBS via Getty Images/CBS photo Archive

“Young Sheldon,” a spin-off of “The Big Bang Theory,” premiered just two years ago. Fans of the franchise will know that Lance Barber, the actor who plays Sheldon’s dad on “Young Sheldon,” also appeared on “The Big Bang Theory” during season five.

Back then, he wasn’t playing Sheldon’s dad in a flashback, but an entirely different character: Leonard’s high-school bully. Wouldn’t Sheldon have pointed out that Leonard’s former bully looked a whole lot like his deceased father?

Why does Penny’s dad’s name change?

Foto: Did she forget her own father’s name?sourceCBS

When Penny’s dad is first mentioned on the show, she says his name is Bob. But when he visits a few seasons later, his name is Wyatt.

What astrological sign is Sheldon, anyway?

Foto: No one can seem to get Sheldon’s birthday right.sourceCBS

We learned way back in the first season that Sheldon was born on February 26, 1980. During the first season episode “The Peanut Reaction,” Sheldon also goes on a rant about horoscopes being fake, and Penny replies, “Blah blah blah, typical Taurus.” The problem? Tauruses are born between late April and late May and Sheldon is actually a Pisces.

In later seasons, he’s correctly referred to as a Pisces.

How is Howard an astronaut?

Foto: Getting to space isn’t an easy feat.sourceCBS

We get that Howard is super intelligent, but there are a lot of requirements that go into being able to go into space.

Howard doesn’t seem to be entirely space-ready due to of a variety of factors including his genetic risk of heart disease, allergy to nuts, and asthma, not to mention his struggle with NASA’s flight-training program.

Since none of these things are immediately disqualifying, it’s not impossible for him to be an astronaut. But seeing as the process of being selected to go into space is so competitive, Howard’s job title is a bit shocking.

That said, the show’s portrayal of him actually being in space has been praised for its accuracy.

Bernadette was pregnant for quite a long time.

Foto: She was pregnant for a bit too long.sourceMonty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Bernadette discovered she was pregnant with daughter Halley on Valentine’s Day. If we’re assuming at that point that she’s at least a month along, it makes no sense that she would deliver in December. That’s nearly a year of pregnancy.

While it’s not uncommon for this to happen on a sitcom, it still doesn’t make sense.

Sheldon’s “spot” doesn’t seem to matter at times.

Foto: He doesn’t always seem protective of his beloved spot on the couch.sourceCBS

Sheldon is known to be pretty protective of his “spot,” aka the left side of the couch in his and Leonard’s living room. Fans will know he has called “a state of eternal dibs.”

Letting people sit there has become the focus of entire scenes and when someone sits there without permission, Sheldon often takes issue with it.

But some eagle-eyed fans have noticed that there are several times throughout the series when characters sit in Sheldon’s “spot” without any issue from him. Maybe he just chose not to say anything, but it seems to be a strange inconsistency since Sheldon is known to speak up about things that bother him.

Sheldon doesn’t actually seem to be allergic to cats.

Foto: Perhaps the cats were somehow all hypoallergenic?sourceCBS

Early in the series, Leonard tells the group that Sheldon has an allergy to cats. But on one of the most iconic episodes of the series, “The Zazzy Substitution,” Sheldon gets a whole lot of cats and holds them.

He seems to have no issue being around the cats, so either he lied to Leonard or this was just an oversight.

Sheldon says he doesn’t understand sarcasm but uses it often.

Foto: He might not be able to recognize it in others.sourceCBS

Sheldon claims in early seasons that he doesn’t understand sarcasm, but he uses it in conversations quite often on the show. Maybe he just can’t hear it when others do it, but it seems a bit strange that he can use it himself but not recognize it in others.

Leonard gets an operation to stop his loud snoring but on previous seasons, other characters have said Leonard doesn’t snore.

Foto: It doesn’t add up.sourceCBS

During season eight, Leonard was told that he needs to get surgery because he has a deviated septum. Although Sheldon doesn’t want Leonard to get the surgery because of the risks associated with it, Leonard insists he wants to get it done because he has difficulty breathing and snores loudly.

Sheldon then says that he’s gotten used to Leonard’s snoring after a few years but during season 3 episode 14, Penny said that Leonard doesn’t snore.

Plus, in the season six episode “The 43 Peculiarity,” Sheldon implied that Leonard did not snore, saying, “Your choice of friends is impeccable, you’re a good sleeper, and last but not least, you buy the grapes I like. You’re a real catch compared to some snoring guy with a fridge full of lousy grapes.”

It seems strange that Leonard is getting an operation to stop his loud snoring when two characters have previously outright said or implied that Leonard does not snore.