Chick-fil-A is a fan favorite among many for fast food restaurants. The biggest location in NYC opened right near the Insider Inc. office, so we fed some millennials who have never tried the chain’s food. Following is a transcript of the video.

Katie Warren: I never tried Chick-fil-A because there weren’t any where I grew up in Montana.

Jen Osaki: In college, I was vegetarian and Chick-fil-A sells chicken.

Jen Atalla: The lines are always really long.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller: I grew up in Europe. I don't think there is a single Chick-fil-A in Europe, so...

Fabiana Buontempo: I am expecting this to be the best fast food meal that I've ever had.

Callie Ahlgrim: I feel like it has this weird cult following on Twitter. I want to be blown away.

Abby Tang: I think it's just going to be fine.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller: I'm expecting a delicious chicken sandwich that will hopefully change my life because there are so many people obsessed with Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A Sandwich

Olivia Singh: It smells really, really good. So that's a good sign.

Jen Osaki: Ooh, this is a nice bag. Oh! My sandwich kind of already fell apart. It's kind of deflated, but it's nice because it doesn't look like a McDonald's patty, where it's like a pulverized chicken patty.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller: It's very squishy bread. I don't like that already.

Nick Fernandez: It smells like cafeteria food that I had in elementary school. This is a very sad chicken sandwich. I don't know how I feel about this. Everybody's been raving about Chick-fil-A and I'm just sitting here like, "Mmm, I don't know."

The Taste Test

Jen Osaki: Mmm... That's surprising! There's like a little bit of a crunch. But the chicken itself is kind of salty.

Fabiana Buontempo: I don't know what I'm eating right now.

Nick Fernandez: It's very bland. There's not much flavoring.

María González Romero: Overall taste, I would say good. Texture, I did not like that much. I like the sauce.

Callie Ahlgrim: The pickles and the bun have a very distinct Big Mac flavor. I don't really like hamburgers, but I've had a Big Mac, and it's not that great.

Jen Atalla: This is way better than what I was expecting.

Olivia Singh: I'm not really a fan of pickles. But I think the amount in this sandwich is pretty good.

Katie Warren: I would probably eat it again.

Waffle Fries

Jen Atalla: Here, let's just look at these beautiful fries. These fries are way better than other fast food fries.

Nick Fernandez: The fries aren't bad. They're pretty good. They're not too salty for me. They're very standard fries.

María González Romero: [laughing] I don't like them.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller: I'm a big fan of soggy McDonald's fries and these are a little crispier. They're okay. They're a little potato-y for me.

Olivia Singh: I don't think I would try the fries again. But the sandwich, definitely.

Abby Tang: I was expecting to like it more. It's got all the fuss. People love Chick-fil-A. People are super excited about it. Like the one that just opened around the corner, there are lines still coming out the door, I think. But why?

Callie Ahlgrim: I'm not disappointed. But I'm not over the moon about it. So, I feel like with fast food, with something that's so obviously detrimental to my human body, I need to love it in order to really indulge in it.

María González Romero: I don't think I'm going to finish this.