Een nieuwe sport op social media: gerechten van McDonald’s zo levensecht mogelijk zelf maken en viral gaan met een foto ervan.

De Facebookgroep Homemade McDonald’s is de afgelopen maanden zo’n beetje ontploft. In de groep, met zo’n zevenduizend leden, delen amateurkoks hun pogingen om de iconische hapjes en drankjes van het McDonald’s-menu in hun eigen keuken na te maken.

“Ik maakte altijd al ‘McDonald’s’ voor mijn vrienden tijdens barbecues”, zei Joel Cornell, oprichter van de groep, tegen de Mirror.

“Het was gewoon voor de lol, maar mensen zeiden: ‘Hey, dit is echt heel lekker.’ Ik begon de foto’s ervan online te delen en mensen bleken er wel geïnteresseerd in te zijn. Toen heb ik de groep opgericht en de rest is geschiedenis.”

Bekijk een aantal van de beste foto’s van Homemade McDonald’s, met rollen voor onder andere de Big Mac en de McRib:

Een van de belangrijkste opdrachten bij Homemade McDonald’s is om het gerecht zo goed mogelijk op het origineel te laten lijken.

Ok my dudes this is the best and most prolific post yet. Im humbled the bar has been exceeded and hungry as fuck to challenge it. Post by Daniel Yakimov: !!! NO MUCK ALERT !!! Threw together a family box situation. Comprising of: 1 x Big Mac 1 x Mc Feast 1 x Cheeseo 1 x Mc Chook 1 x Large Chippies 10 x Nugs 1 x Oreo Mc Flurry Post Mix Fanta -Big Mac played by the rules. Sauce comprised of Onion powder, sweet paprika, garlic powder, pickle relish, mayo and mustard. Delish. Single cheese and text book stack. Buttered top bun – bit to dip in sesame seeds. 8/10 Meat could've been thinner. Flavour was on point. -Mc Feast is a no brainer. Stacked as per serving suggestion etc. Patty was thicker and had the triple threat of sauces. Surprise weapon 10/10 -Cheeseo was also standard play. I used kraft singles cos the shop was sold out of fancy American stuff. Master foods ketchup and mild American musty. Chopped onion and some gherkin. 9/10 -Mc chook was alright. Nailed the sauce with just onion powder and mayo. Chook patty made from scratch. Great effort although can't compete with the clown. 7/10 -Nugs were good! Again, can't compete with Ronald. All made from scratch though. 7/10 -Chippies were McCains. Shallow fried in same chook oil. Same as the shop. 9/10 -Post mix Fanta is hung over essential. 70/30 split with sparkling water and Fanta. Straight 10 -Oreo McFlurry for dessert. Mixed ice cream and biscuit. Easy af. 10/10 I used polish dill pickles that I sliced. Hot tip.

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Alle creaties moeten ooit op het menu van McDonald’s hebben gestaan.

Vooral de Big Mac en andere burgers worden vaak nagemaakt.

Great Mac from Daniel Whyte. Prob the strongest and visually pleasing your humble admin has seen 😍😍😎 mumma-mia!!!!!! And he said: 8/10 was just like a Big Mac should be, but was a little too big Big Mac Recipe Ingredients: Tip Top Hamburger Rolls 6pk (cut into thirds) 600g of lean beef mince (makes 12 patties, 50g each) head of iceberg lettuce, finely shredded Finely diced small brown onion 200g Usa Red Cheddar (From Gervasi Deli) ZUNI PICKLE (From Meatsmith) Salt Pepper Big Mac Sauce Ingredients: 1cup (300g) Best foods Mayo 1 Tablespoon Masterfoods Relish Gherkin 1 1/2 teaspoons Masterfoods Garlic Powder 1 1/2 teaspoons Masterfoods Onion Powder 2 tsp Cornwells White Vinegar Pinch of white pepper "Saxa" 2tsp French's Classic Yellow Mustard (from Piedimontes Supermarket North Fitzroy) 1/2 tsp Sweet Smoked Paprika (from Spicelicious) Tools: Baking paper (to squish burgers) Small Pot (to squish burgers) Sandwich press (to toast buns) Wire Cheese Slicer Non Stick pan Slotted Spatula Sharp Knife Tips: Having a real sharp knife helps cut the buns, failing that a serated bread knife. Cut the cheese with a wire cheesecutter a knife won't work Prep everything beforehand, it helps to assemble fast, as they go cold fast. lightly toast buns on a sandwich press. Use a heaped teaspoon of Big Mac sauce the burgers shrink around 10-20% depending on the fat content, the more fat content the more they will shrink, plan accordingly. Salt and pepper the patty prior to cooking. Flip patties when edges start to turn from red to brown I've added locations to rarer ingredients if you're in Melbourne, most others you can get from the supermarket. Assemble: Bun First Sauce (1 tsp) Onion (1/2 tsp) Lettuce (enough to cover sauce) Patty Cheese Bun Sauce Onion (1/2 to tsp) Lettuce (enough to cover sauce) Pickle (optional ;)) Patty Sesame seed bun top Made a Big Mac, used the sauce from this recipe and pressed out 2x50grams of mince, and put them between 2 sheets of baking paper (squished till they were about 20% wider than the burger with a pot), seasoned with salt and pepper.

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Om de Big Mac na te maken heb je een goed oog voor detail nodig – mensen drukken het vlees plat en doen de burger zelfs in de magnetron om “dat zweterige Mac-gevoel” te krijgen.

Maar burgers zijn eigenlijk pas de eerste stap.

Een van de meer ambitieuze koks probeerde de McRib al eens te reproduceren.

Iemand anders probeerde de warme appeltaart na te maken.

“Niets voelt zo goed als het bijna perfect namaken van een nugg”, schreef een maker van namaak-McNuggets op Instagram. “Ik voel me vandaag de koning van de wereld.”

Another bar has been set. An unbelievable nugget cook from Bernadette, whom also brought you the apple pie™️ this my dudes is what home maccas is all about. This is how one reverse engineers #cooksomethingben #cooksomethingmitch : Last night I challenged myself to create what some in this group had attempted but never seemed to nail – the iconic 6 pack o’ nuggs and sweet and sour dipping sauce. Nuggs were made with chicken breast, triple coated in a zip lock bag of flour, salt, vegeta, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper with an intermittent egg wash. I also popped them in the freezer between the second and third coats to ensure crispiness a la OG. Fuck, these bad boys were so fucking good. Like I honestly don’t think I’ve ever made chicken this yum before. Ratings are: Taste: 9/10 – delish but took 1 point off for having too much flavour compared to the OG lol 😱 Looks: 9/10 – size was perf, as was coating thickness, too much variation in the freckles of pepper on the coating meant that it wasn’t 100% deception Then, on to the sweet and sour sauce. I really didn’t think this was gonna be possible to replicate at home but I came pretty damn close. Made with apricot jam, garlic powder, onion powder, soy sauce, mustard, white wine vinegar, glucose syrup and cornstarch – blitzed and then reduced over a gentle simmer. You can see my sauce in both the original packaging in the second photo and on the upper nugg in the fourth. Ratings: Taste: 9/10 – so so so close to the original, dare I say it, perhaps even better. Made us both really dry in the mouth after though so lost points for thirst inducing qualities Looks: 8/10 – viscosity was not exact (a little too thick), and there were lil flecks of apricot that my poor hand held blitzer couldn’t smoosh up. Colour was perfect though. All in all, lots of success was had in the kitchen last night. There’s nothing like the feeling of almost nailing a nugg – I’m on top of the world today. I’m showing all my kids at school (I’m a high school teacher) and it’s giving me a new found cred 😎

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De leden van Homemade McDonald’s wagen zich ook aan het namaken van de drankjes en desserts.

SNICKERS MCFLURRRRRYYYY!!!-11. Made by @onigiriisgood (my future wife)

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Voor en door veganisten mogen de ingrediënten vervangen worden, maar de consensus binnen de Faceboekgroep is wel dat leden zich aan “een bepaald niveau van esthetische replicatie” moeten houden.

Volgens Joel Cornell blijken de Franse Frietjes van McDonald’s het allermoeilijkst na te maken.

Medium double cheebu meal. Post by Cam Lee: Ok a not very ambitious or even successful first attempt but some lessons learnt. Taste 5/10, the bun didn’t have the cloud effect and I took a lot of points off because I forgot to buy pickles. Also the patties shrunk up and got to thick wish really does effect the mouth feel. Thought the onions, the cheap mince and the cheese were tops and have put there hand up for selection when the season proper kicks off. Sugar free sprite aka soda water played its part just fine. Looks: I don’t feel I can judge my own work but I’ll give myself a 6.5/10. Bun looks pretty sharp, I cut a section out of the middle to get the height right. Cheese colour is great, thanks dairy lea. Next time I’ll be more aware of patty shrink. Chips look like spaghetti, but the upcycled packaging sells a great illusion. Cole’s brioche bun Master foods tommy k 3 star grade mince (coles) Dairy lea burger slices Pre washed potato Invisible, taste-free pickle Vid to come shortly. Happpy maccin

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“Ik eet nog steeds bij de echte McDonald’s”, zei Cornell tegen de Mirror. “Ik zat er laatst nog. Maar het zelf thuis maken is toch anders, en een beetje gezonder.”

Post by @changz_yo EL MACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! El Maco w/ shaker fries … good feed shit pics. Burger; toasted tip top buns, coles regular beef seasoned with salt, pepper & MSG, dairylea burger slices, sour cream, salsa, lettuce & tomato Fries; McCains shoeys (used the air fryer which doesnt quite do the fries justice need that deep fry) Seasoning; 5 parts taco seasoning, 2 parts onion pow, 2 parts garlic pow, 1 part smoked paprika, 1 part salt, 1 part MSG, 1 part cayenne & 1 part sumac (sumac for some zing, would probs use vinegar pow if i had some around) seasoning was the goods but didnt quite give me nostalgic feels unfortunately, give it a shot tho and let me know what ya think Added some onion pow and water to sour cream, added hot sauce to the salsa cos obviously not spicy as is …

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