• Breeze Airways is adding 5 routes out of Provo, Utah, and plans to hire 200 employees in the state.
  • The fast-expanding "upstart" is meant to provide affordable service from less-busy cities.
  • Its new routes include service to Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  

Breeze Airways is expanding its footprint in the western US with five new routes that will provide service from Provo, Utah, to cities including Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

Provo is about 50 miles from Salt Lake City. 

"It's been the question on everyone's lips since we first opened our headquarters – when are you flying from Utah?" David Neeleman, Breeze's founder and CEO, said in the company's press release on Friday. 

For example, starting October 5, you can fly from Provo, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada, and the lowest fare option starts at just $29 one-way. 

The majority of the rates, however, are introductory and promotional and must be purchased by Thursday at 11:59 pm EDT. You can't book travel on these prices after November 15, 2022, per the release. 

Breeze offers "nice" and "nicer" fare options on its regional aircraft and a "nicest" option on its other jets. Nice, the cheapest option, only allows for a personal item, however. 

Neeleman founded JetBlue Airways and other airlines. Breeze began service in May 2021. 

The idea is that Breeze affordably travels to less busy travel cities, like in Connecticut, a state where it is currently battling for prominence with fellow low-cost carrier Avelo Airlines. 

Right now, Breeze Airways has 90 non-stop routes between 31 cities in 18 states, according to the release. 

"As a Salt Lake-based airline, we couldn't be more excited to announce service from Provo, as it will now mean our headquarters employees, or team members, can now start flying Breeze and joining the rest of our 30+ city route network," a spokesperson for Breeze added in a statement. 

The airline began on the east coast and announced a nationwide expansion in March with the purchase of a fleet of Airbus A220 jets.

Here's the full list of the new routes announced Friday. 

From Provo, Utah to San Francisco

Heavy fog blankets the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Foto: Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Breeze will operate this non-stop route daily, starting August 4. Nice is starts at $39, and Nicer starts $59.

From Provo, Utah to San Bernardino, California 

Foto: Ron and Patty Thomas/Getty Images

Breeze will run this route "one stop, no change of plane," beginning August 4. Nice starts at $49, and Nicer starts at $79.

From Provo, Utah to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada. Foto: randy andy/Shutterstock

Breeze will run this non-stop daily route beginning October 5. Nice starts at $29, and Nicer starts at $49. Nicest begins at $59.

From Provo, Utah, to Westchester, New York

The New York City skyline. Skyscrapers along Billionaire's Row, including Central Park Tower, Steinway Tower, and 432 Park Avenue can be seen in the photo. Foto: Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

Breeze will run this daily as a "one-stop/no change of plane," route starting October 5. Nice will start at $99, and Nicer starts at $189. Nicest begins at $199.

From Provo, Utah to Los Angeles

Foto: kenny hung photography/Getty Images

Breeze will run this daily and nonstop, beginning November 2. Nice will start at $39, and Nicer starts at $59. Nicest begins at $69.

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