Days after Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos announced they’d finalized the terms of their divorce, the Amazon CEO is reportedly apartment hunting in New York City, The New York Post reported.

The Amazon CEO remains the richest person in the world with a net worth of $115 billion, while MacKenzie Bezos is now worth $37 billion, making her the fourth-richest woman in the world.

Now, Jeff Bezos is looking to spend $60 million on a new home in the city, according to the Post, which would grow his already massive collection of real estate.

It’s still unknown how the Bezos family will split up their real-estate holdings, which include six massive properties across the country. A 2017 Land Report named Bezos the country’s 28th-largest landowner. As Business Insider’s Tanza Loudenback previously reported, everything acquired throughout the marriage from real estate to income is considered joint property in the Bezos’ home state of Washington.

From two neighboring Beverly Hills mansions to a sprawling estate in an exclusive Seattle suburb, here are the six estates the Bezos own in the US.

Jeff Bezos lives in a nearly 29,000-square-foot estate in Medina, Washington.

Foto: sourceHarrison Jacobs/Business Insider

Bezos owns two homes in Medina spanning 5.3 acres.

According to the Wall Street Journal, he paid $10 million for the property in 1998.

One home is a 20,600-square-foot, five-bedroom, four-bathroom house, and the other is an 8,300-square-foot, five-bedroom, four-bathroom home rumored to have cost $53 million.

Medina, located on a peninsula just across Lake Washington from Seattle, is an exclusive suburb that’s also home to Bill Gates, as well as other Microsoft bigwigs, tech entrepreneurs, and telecom magnates.

Foto: sourceHarrison Jacobs/Business Insider

Many of the neighborhood’s mansions are hidden away behind gates and protected by elaborate security systems.

Bezos’ estate underwent a $28 million renovation in 2010.

Foto: A home in Medina.sourceHarrison Jacobs/Business Insider

The home, which sits right on the shores of Lake Washington, includes 310 feet of private shoreline and a boathouse.

Bezos also owns property in Beverly Hills, California, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Foto: sourceShutterstock/Zhukova Valentyna

He bought a Spanish-style mansion in the ritzy neighborhood in 2007.

Bezos bought this Spanish-style mansion in 2007 for $24.45 million.

Foto: sourceDream Homes Magazine

The seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom Beverly Hills home is advertised by Dream Homes Magazine as having a greenhouse, a sunken and lighted tennis court, a huge swimming pool, four fountains, and a six-car garage. The street is a hotspot for Hollywood stars, and is said to have been home to Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed and Walter Matthau.

Ten years later, Bezos also bought a smaller house just next door.

Foto: sourceGoogle Earth

Apparently, the first Beverly Hills house did not fit Bezos’ space requirements. In 2017, he bought a comparatively modest four-bedroom, 4,568-square-foot home for $12.9 million right next door to his first house. As you can see in the above picture, Bezos’ property dominates the mansion-filled block.

The Bezos family owns a 30,000-acre ranch about 30 miles from the town of Van Horn, Texas.

Foto: sourceShutterstock/Lynda Lehmann

Bezos grew up spending summers on his grandparents’ ranch outside of Cotulla, Texas and bought the 30,000-acre Figure 2 ranch to give his family the same experience.

Bezos bought the 30,000-acre property after the seller spent “millions” renovating it.

Foto: sourceGoogle Earth

The U-shaped ranch house seen above is a remnant from the seller, who reportedly put “millions” into renovating it. Behind the home is a bunkhouse that sleeps 12.

The property is also the base for Bezos’ private space company, Blue Origin.

Foto: sourceBlue Origin

Blue Origin made history in 2015 when it successfully launched and landed the reusable rocket, New Shepard. Its goal is to become a space tourism company, ferrying passengers up for weightless rides as soon as April 2019.

The Bezos family can also call the US capital home.

Foto: sourceOrhan Cam/Shutterstock

Bezos owns a $23 million home in Washington, DC.

In 2016, Bezos bought a former textile museum in Washington, DC for $23 million.

Foto: sourceGetty Images

The 27,000-square-foot space in DC’s Kalorama neighborhood is a former textile museum and dates back to 1912, earning it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

The neighborhood, Kalorama, is a hot spot for Washington big wigs.

Foto: sourceGetty Images

The Obamas own a $5.3 million home nearby, and Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner recently moved in right down the street.

The two joint structures on the property have nearly 27,000 square feet of living space, making it the largest home in Washington, DC.

Foto: sourceHarrison Jacobs/Business Insider

Bezos is said to be spending $12 million to renovate the homes and the surrounding property.

Jeff Bezos is now reportedly apartment hunting in New York City, but he’s already owned real estate there for years.

Foto: sourceStig Ottesen/Unsplash

In November 2018, Amazon announced plans to open a second headquarters in New York City, only to scrap those plans three months later.

The New York Post reported that Bezos is looking to spend about $60 million on a home in the city.

But the Amazon CEO has already owned property in the city for years.

He bought three condos in a historic Manhattan building overlooking Central Park for $7.65 million in 1999.

Foto: sourceDavid Shankbone/Wikipedia Commons

In 1999, Bezos bought three condos in the Century building at 25 Central Park West in New York City’s Upper West Side under an LLC called “Jetima.” The purchase was from former Sony Music head Tommy Mottola for $7.65 million.

Bezos bought an additional unit for $5.3 million in 2012, making him the owner of four condos in the historic building.

Foto: sourceCity Realty

The 32-story Art Deco building was built in 1931 and boasts a concierge, elevator attendants, and three separate entrances, as well as a prime location right next to Central Park.