• Instagram boss Adam Mosseri is loving Mark Zuckerberg's new style.
  • Mosseri said the Meta CEO is finally expressing himself after years of wearing "the same thing."
  • Zuckerberg has been going viral online for adding a chain to his everyday look.

Adam Mosseri isn't taking credit for Mark Zuckerberg's new necklace-wearing style, but he's definitely into it.

The Instagram head appeared on "The Colin and Samir Show," where he briefly discussed Zuckerberg's shift from the standard tech bro uniform of jeans and t-shirt to a more accessorized version.

"I love it so much," Mosseri said.

Although he has his own personal style that departs from the traditional tech boss outfit, Mosseri didn't take credit for the Meta CEO's new look.

Zuck and his new chain have gone viral several times since they debuted on his Instagram in April. A stylist previously told Business Insider that the sartorial switch-up is a move that could "make him approachable and show that he's a fun guy."

Mosseri — who joined Facebook in 2008 — said that Zuckerberg spent a long time "not wasting any energy on deciding what to wear" and instead decided to wear "the same thing every day for a long time as a lot of tech execs have done."

Now, Zuckerberg is expressing himself in more ways, even if the style changes are subtle. He's still wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but his personal taste comes through in how he styles each piece (like trendy sneakers or graphic tees).

"I'm totally into it. I think clothes are fun, so I'm very supportive," Mosseri said.

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