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  • The Simplify Interest Rate Hedge ETF, run by Harley Bassman, has dominated in 2022.
  • Hedging against higher interest rates has been a winning strategy as the inflation fight continues.
  • Here’s how Bassman constructed his winning portfolio — and his outlook for rates and inflation.

Harley Bassman doesn’t have much in common with legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

Perhaps the only similarity the two men share, besides the fact that they’ve both had long and successful careers, is that they’ve each recently unretired to chase an attractive job opportunity.

Bassman, who spent most of his decorated 35-year career at Merrill Lynch and PIMCO, came back to the workforce in early 2021 — not to lead a Super Bowl-caliber team, but to become a managing partner at Simplify, an ETF provider.

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