• Everyone knows that you can post still photos to Facebook, but not everyone realizes that Facebook also supports GIFs – short animated pictures.
  • Animated GIFs are great for expressing emotions and sharing memes that you have trouble communicating through mere text.
  • You can post GIFs as a status update or comment, and the process is pretty similar for each option.

Sometimes a GIF just puts it better than any text comment possibly could. No matter your reason for using one, animated GIFs are a great way to add something fun to your Facebook status, or break up the text-only comments on your friend’s most recent update.

You can use GIFs in a few ways on Facebook: either as your status, as a comment alone, or as a comment with text. Here are the simple steps to take for each situation.

How to post a GIF as your status

1. Click on the ellipsis near “Feeling/Activity.”

Facebook GIF ellipsis

Foto: Clicking on the ellipsis will present you with a wide variety of new posting options.sourceEva Recinos

2. Choose the "GIF" button.

Facebook Status Gif Button

Foto: Clicking the GIF tab will allow you to browse the GIF gallery.sourceEva Recinos

3. Choose a GIF from the trending list or type in what you're looking for specifically.

Facebook GIF search laugh

Foto: Facebook's GIF gallery has thousands of GIFs to choose from.sourceEva Recinos

4. Scroll through and choose the GIF you'd like to use.

5. Type in any text you want as your status to appear above the GIF.

Typing a status to go along with a GIF

Foto: GIFs are silent, so some come with transcribed captions.sourceEva Recinos

6. Finish your status and post.

Facebook Status with GIF attached

Foto: Your GIF status should upload in seconds.sourceEva Recinos

Nearly any word you type in will return with GIF results, from general keywords like "laugh" or "cry" to more specific pop culture figures like "Spider-Man" or "SpongeBob."

How to use Giphy to post a GIF

If you can't quite find what you want, you can also search GIPHY in a separate tab. The website lets you search a number of GIFs uploaded by users and brands. You can also upload and create your own GIFs. You can browse the site's various categories, like "entertainment" and "reactions," or just type in your own keywords. The "artists" section also features original animated GIFs by illustrators, artists, designers and other creative people.

GIPHY homepage

Foto: GIPHY is one of the internet's largest GIF archives.sourceEva Recinos

Once you find the specific GIF you want, copy and paste the URL and drop that into your Facebook status.

pasting SpongeBob GIF into Facebook

Foto: Once you've pasted the link in, deleting it won't delete the GIF — you'll need to click the X in the corner of the GIF to do that.sourceEva Recinos

You can then delete the full URL and replace with your text or just leave it blank, like this status:

GIPHY GIF posted on Facebook

Foto: You can add text to this post, the same as if you were uploading from Facebook's own gallery.sourceEva Recinos

How to post a GIF as a comment on someone's else's status

1. In the "Write a comment" field, click on the "GIF" button.

Facebook posting a GIF comment

Foto: The "Trending" GIF section updates constantly with new GIFs.sourceEva Recinos

2. In the same way you found a GIF to use as a status, select the GIF you want to use and it will appear as a comment.

Facebook GIF comment

Foto: Once you've clicked on your desired GIF, your comment will immediately post.sourceEva Recinos

How to post a comment with both text and a GIF

If you want to post both text and a GIF as a comment, you should type in the text first then choose your GIF. Otherwise, the comment will just show up as a GIF, and you'll have to share your text comment as a separate comment.

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