Every now and then Amazon offers a free month-long trial to Amazon Prime. Maybe you took advantage of the deal to get that last-minute birthday gift for your friend, or to binge-watch “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” but have now decided to cancel your membership and avoid being charged $12.99 every month.

Like most subscription-based service providers, Amazon doesn’t make the cancellation process particularly clear. You’ll be asked three times to confirm you really want to cancel.

If you’re only in it for the free trial, it’s best to cancel your membership right after you’ve set it up, so you don’t forget and end up paying for an upgrade to a paid membership at the end of your trial. Amazon allows you to continue using the benefits of a Prime membership for a full-month after you’ve cancelled your free trial.

When you’re ready to end your free trial membership, here’s how to cancel it on desktop or mobile:

How to cancel an Amazon Prime free trial on Amazon’s website

1. Go to amazon.com and sign into your account.

2. Scroll over “Accounts & Lists” on the right side of the screen to open the menu.

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Amazon Home Page

3. Click on “Your Prime Membership.” This will open the Prime membership page.

Amazon Scroll Over Menu

Foto: You can manage your entire Prime membership in the highlighted menu.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

4. On the left side you’ll see a ton of information regarding your trial. This includes the date your trial ends, the card that will be charged on that date, and the confirmation that you have yet to be charged for your membership. At the bottom left under “Membership Management” you’ll see “End Trial and Benefits.” Click on that option.

Amazon Prime Homepage

Foto: The option to end your trial is nestled at the bottom of the page.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

5. Now for the fun part: Amazon’s first effort to stop you from cancelling Prime, and the first time you’ll have to click a button to say you want to cancel. At the bottom of the page click “End My Benefits.” Don’t get distracted from the pop-up to the right encouraging you to keep your benefits.

Amazon Prime Cancel Screen 1

Foto: Amazon will give you three buttons to choose from — only one actually ends the free trial.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

6. Now comes the second attempt to thwart your cancellation quest. Again, at the bottom you’ll see three options, so click “Continue to Cancel.” No pop-ups this time – you’re getting closer.

Amazon Prime Cancel Screen 3

Foto: Amazon may attempt to offer you deals or discounts in exchange for keeping Prime.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

7. Finally, you’ll land on the last cancellation page. Here, you’ll want to click “Cancel Membership.”

Amazon Prime Cancel Screen 4

Foto: Click through the third and final page to finally end the membership.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

8. Your Amazon Prime trial has now been canceled and you won’t be charged a penny. Two alert boxes on the membership page will confirm the cancellation of your Prime membership, and the date on which it will end.

Amazon Prime After Cancellation

Foto: If you reconsider your choice, you have until the end of the free month to reactivate your membership.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

How to cancel an Amazon Prime free trial using the Amazon mobile app

The cancellation process on the Amazon app follows similar steps:

1. Open the Amazon app.

2. Press the three horizontal lines in the top left corner to open the menu.

Amazon App Homescreen

Foto: In the app, the Amazon menu is in the left corner, rather than the right.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

3. Under “Programs and Features,” click “Prime.”

Amazon App Menu

Foto: The Prime tab is simply called “Prime” here.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

4. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Manage Prime Membership.”

Amazon App Manage Prime Membership

Foto: Click this to open up a new menu, where you can begin the cancellation process.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

5. Scroll down to “Membership Management” and click on “End Trial and Benefits.”

Amazon App End Free Trial

Foto: Once again, Amazon puts the button to cancel your membership at the bottom.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

6. Here you’ll encounter Amazon’s first attempt to change your mind. Scroll down and click “End My Benefits.”

Amazon App Amazon Prime Cancel Screen 1

Foto: The first cancellation screen.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

7. On to the second attempt to halt your cancellation – scroll down and click “Continue to Cancel.”

Amazon App Amazon Prime Cancel Screen 2

Foto: The second cancellation screen.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

8. Now for the third and final attempt (you’re almost there!) – scroll down and click “Cancel Membership.”

Amazon App Amazon Prime Cancel Screen 3

Foto: The third and final cancellation screen.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

9. The Prime page will now display two warnings stating that your Prime membership will expire, and on what date it will end.

Amazon App Amazon Prime After Cancellation

Foto: Once your free month is up, your benefits will end, and you will not be charged.sourceChristine Kopaczewski

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