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  • Hiring an Ivy League graduate, or having one on your team, may hinder success, per a new report in the Harvard Business Review
  • HBR reported on a September 2020 study in the European Journal of International Management which tracked 28,339 students from 294 universities for two months as they worked on virtual consulting projects. 
  • The study found that graduates from high-ranking universities tend not to pay enough attention to developing interpersonal relationship with coworkers. These workers engage in fewer non-work-related conversations with team members, the authors find.
  • The study finds these grads can sometimes be less friendly, more prone to conflict, and less likely to identify with their team. 
  • Since engaged teams are more innovative and collaborative, the authors say top graduates could impede organizational success if they are not friendly enough. 
  • But the report also suggests graduates of higher-ranking schools do perform better overall than lower-ranking schools. Out of 20,000 global colleges, graduates perform 1.9% better overall as their university goes up 1,000 spots in the ranking.
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