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  • Google last week confirmed it’s delaying a plan to kill tracking cookies in Chrome by another year.
  • Experts said the series of delays had been driven by industry skepticism and regulatory intervention.
  • The Chrome team hasn’t work closely enough with the ad industry

In 2019, at Google’s Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco, Chrome privacy and tracking prevention software engineer Michael Kleber set out a grand vision for a more privacy-conscious web that collects less data on people and that doesn’t use third-party tracking cookies to target and measure ads.

Almost three years later, that future still seems a long way off.

As Insider first reported last week, Google is delaying its plan to kill off third-party cookies in its Chrome browser until at least 2024. The tech giant said it wants to allow more time for testing the cookie-alternative technologies it has proposed as part of its “Privacy Sandbox” initiative.

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