A GM recruiter said the company is looking to hire interns that had their offers rescinded by Tesla.
A GM recruiter said the company is looking to hire interns that had their offers rescinded by Tesla.Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images and Anna Webber/Variety via Getty Images
  • General Motors is seeking to recruit students impacted by Tesla's recent internship rescindments.
  • Tesla has been laying off workers and revoking internships as part of recent cutbacks.
  • GM has a history of hiring former Tesla employees, including high-ranking executives.

General Motors is ready to capitalize on Tesla layoffs — at least according to one recruiter.

Laura del Amo, a talent sourcing strategist for GM, took to LinkedIn on Monday to call on students who'd been hit by Tesla's recent decision to rescind internship offers to reach out for opportunities at the Detroit-based automaker.

"In light of recent industry news, GM is extending an invite to software students who may have been impacted from the changes in Tesla's upcoming summer internship cohort," the recruiter wrote. "We believe in the strength of our automotive community and are keen to integrate diverse talents into our team. If you are now looking for a new internship opportunity, let's connect."

Del Amo and a spokesperson for GM did not respond to a request for comment from Business Insider ahead of publication.

Last week, several students who'd been offered internships at Tesla said the company had canceled their offers just a few weeks before their programs were set to start. The internship program is just one of several areas where Tesla has made cutbacks over the past month. On April 15, Tesla CEO Elon Musk told staff the company planned to eliminate more than 10% of its workforce. Since, it has has continued to layoff workers in waves. On Monday, Tesla workers entered their fourth week of layoff notices.

It's not the first time GM has scooped up a former Tesla employee. In February, the automaker hired Kurt Kelty, a former executive at Tesla, to serve as VP of Battery. And in March GM brought in JP Clausen, the former VP of Tesla's Austin Gigafactory.

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