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  • Facebook equity awards are often bigger than Google’s now, data reviewed by Insider indicated.
  • Compensation for engineers at Facebook has jumped since 2020, along with rising stock grants.
  • Group directors and VPs are getting $3 million to $6 million stock grants, one tech recruiter said.

A series of scandals and missteps has damaged Facebook’s reputation so much that the company is being forced to pay ever larger compensation to hire and retain workers, according to industry recruiters, former employees, and data reviewed by Insider.

The company has always competed aggressively for talent, and the tech job market in general is on fire. But a deteriorating public image means the social-media giant now has to outbid other major tech companies, such as Google.

“One thing Facebook can still do is pay a lot more,” said Jose Guardado, an experienced tech recruiter and the founder of Build Talent. “They can easily throw more compensation at people they currently have, and cover any brand tax and pay a little more to get people to come on.”

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