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  • Blockchain enthusiasts have been finding clever ways to allow NFT enthusiasts to take advantage of the mania surrounding digital art.
  • NFT indices have been gaining prominence on several exchanges in Canada and the UK.
  • Crypto businesses underpinning the NFT craze are receiving sky high valuations, some well into the billions.

The celebrity stardust sprinkled over the non-fungible token [NFT] world has certainly added to its appeal, but if you’ve only got a few hundred dollars to spare, a direct purchase of digital art may not be the best way into this booming market.

Like other nascent technology trends, serial investor Jonathan Bixby learned early there is more money to be made in investing in digital infrastructure. He already achieved success with his previous business Argo Blockchain, which took off when crypto mining — underpinned by blockchain technology — saw a revival a few years ago.

“Now I’m [considered] a smart guy, even though I was [considered] a dumb guy back in the day,” he told Insider.

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