• The 15-year-old Michigan girl who was sent to a juvenile detention center in May after failing to complete her academic assignments has been released.
  • The Michigan Court of Appeals ordered for her “immediate release” on Friday, ProPublica reported.
  • In a statement released to WDIV-TV on the girl’s mother’s behalf, “they are both extremely and deeply appreciative of the outpouring of support from around the country, and for Grace’s release.”
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The Michigan teenager who was jailed for not completing her homework was reunited with her mother on Friday after an appeals court ordered her “immediate release,” ProPublica reported.

A judge sent the Black teenager to a juvenile detention center in May, despite the coronavirus pandemic, for violating the terms of her probation by failing to complete her schoolwork and wake up for school, according to ProPublica.

The teenager – who has been identified only by her middle name, Grace – was on probation due to previous assault and theft charges, according to the report.

In a hearing earlier this month, Judge Mary Ellen Brennan of the Oakland County’s Family Court Divison told Grace that keeping her incarcerated was meant to ensure her own wellbeing, and that “the right thing is for you and your mom to be separated for right now,” according to The Detroit News.

A statement on Grace’s mother’s behalf obtained by WDIV-TV said the pair were enjoying being at home and will decide next week whether they want to speak publicly.

“In the interim, they are both extremely and deeply appreciative of the outpouring of support from around the country, and for Grace’s release; she is anxious to be with her family,” the statement said.

Activists and lawmakers expressed outrage over the incarceration and called for Grace’s release, and her case spurred a discussion over flaws in the juvenile justice system.

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One of Grace’s lawyers, Jonathan Biernat told ProPublica, “We are so happy for Grace to be going home. It is amazing that she is going to be able to sleep at home tonight.”

According to ProPublica, Grace will remain on probation and free while the state appeals court evaluates her appeal. Until then, Grace will be on house arrest and will receive counseling. She will also be required to complete her school work, obey laws, and listen to her mother.