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  • European VCs have put $1.5 billion into superfast grocery delivery apps in 2021 so far, more than all of 2020.
  • Apps like Gorillas and Getir have sprung up to promise on-demand grocery delivery in 10 minutes.
  • We dug into how these apps can be valued so highly when online grocery delivery is famously low margin.

Walk around parts of central London right now and you’ll spot outdoor ads for an array of new startups promising grocery deliveries in 10 minutes or less.

Insider has spotted ads over the last week for Getir, Weezy, and Gorillas. Others also operating in the UK capital include Dija and Zapp. All are trying to out-compete each other in various European cities for customers.

These ads have ballooned in volume over the last three months, funded by an influx of venture capital cash into the sector.

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