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  • There’s a wide variety of business podcasts out there, making it hard to figure out which ones are worth a listen.
  • A recent 2019 report by Edison Research and Triton Digital found that around 90 million US consumers listen to podcasts each month, up 17 million from 2018. The age of the podcast is clearly not over.
  • Business Insider asked professors, successful MBA grads, CEOs, and other thought leaders what their favorite podcasts are, and compiled a list of 24 picks.
  • From hard-hitting interviews to thought experiments, here’s what top leaders are listening to regularly.

While many people have opinions about the best business podcasts to listen to, Business Insider searched far and wide to assemble a group of select industry thought leaders — CEOs, business school professors, authors, notable career experts, exceptionally successful MBA grads, and other movers and shakers — to chime in with their favorites.

These individuals argue that these 24 podcast picks are almost as instructive as getting an MBA degree. So if you’re looking for a quick and free education that doesn’t require going back to school for two full years, you’ll want to add these to your playlist.

1. ‘HBR IdeaCast by Harvard Business Review

Thibaud Clément is the CEO and cofounder of Loomly, a brand success platform with more than 130,000 users that raised a seed round of more than $3 million and experienced around 600% revenue growth in 2018.

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