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  • Ben Awad is a part-time software developer and TikTok sensation.
  • When he isn’t creating new apps, he’s creating content for his 670,600 TikTok followers.
  • He’s best known for having a loyal fan base that leaves risqué comments on his videos.

Ben Awad has two jobs: software developer and TikTok Casanova.

When the 24-year-old developer isn’t creating apps — like a Clubhouse clone called DogeHouse and a dating app for programmers where users swipe on each other’s code rather than photos — he’s channeling his wry coding humor into making tame TikToks for his rather untamed audience.

“Ben, my tail is wagging ferociously,” one commenter wrote on Awad’s stitched video about the hygiene of “comp-sci boys.”

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