• The average wedding cost in the US is $33,391.
  • But the average cost of a wedding varies widely depending on where you live.
  • Couples in New York City spend the most at $76,944, while couples in New Mexico spend the least at $17,584.

Americans spend, on average, $33,391 on their weddings, according to The Knot’s 2017 Real Weddings Study. And that’s not even including the amount they spend on an engagement ring.

The cost of a wedding depends on a wide variety of factors, including the amount of guests, the ceremony site, the time of year, the decor, and of course, the city that you decide to host the wedding in.

While there’s a current trend in hosting fewer guests, the average cost per guest is increasing, due to couples wanting to create a unique and memorable experience for all those involved, The Knot found.

The tradition of the bride’s family paying for the wedding isn’t rapidly changing. “On average, the bride’s parents contribute 45% (56% for high spenders) of the overall wedding budget; the bride and groom contribute 41% (28% for high spenders); and the groom’s parents contribute 13% (15% for high spenders),” says the study.

In some places across the US, the average wedding cost is much lower than the national average. In New Mexico, for example, the average wedding cost is almost half the national average at $17,584. But some places spend much more.

The Knot’s 2017 Real Weddings Study looked into which cities and regions across Americans are shelling out the most cash for their big day. Below, see the top 25 places where the average wedding cost is higher than the national average.

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25. Illinois – Chicago Suburbs: $34,675

Foto: source Shutterstock

24. California – San Diego: $34,722

Foto: source Lowe Llaguno/Shutterstock

23. Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh/Southwest: $34,928

Foto: source Rebecca Photography/Shutterstock

22. Michigan – Detroit: $35,843

Foto: source Shutterstock

21. Maryland – Baltimore: $36,305

Foto: source Getty Images/Carl Court

20. California – Orange County/Inland Empire: $37,050

Foto: source Shutterstock

19. California – Santa Barbara/Ventura: $38,025

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18. Hawaii: $38,984

Foto: source Makenamedia/Shutterstock

17. California – San Francisco/Greater Bay Area: $39,329

Foto: source Drserg/Shutterstock

16. DC — Washington DC/Northern Virginia/Suburban Maryland: $39,465

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15. New Jersey – South: $40,231

Foto: Our Story Bridal in New York City source Shutterstock

14. Florida – South: $40,634

Foto: source Shutterstock

13. Massachusetts – Boston: $40,667

Foto: source Shutterstock

12. Louisiana – New Orleans: $41,167

Foto: source imtmphoto/Shutterstock

11. California – Los Angeles: $44,142

Foto: source Shutterstock

10. Pennsylvania — Philadelphia/Delaware: $46,211

Foto: source Nicole S. Glass/Shutterstock

9. New York City – Boroughs outside of Manhattan: $46,808

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8. Connecticut: $47,435

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7. Illinois – Chicago: $52,332

Foto: source Anne Richard/Shutterstock

6. Rhode Island: $52,777

Foto: source Shutterstock

5. Massachusetts – Cape Cod: $55,083

Foto: source IVASHstudio/Shutterstock

4. New York – Westchester/Hudson Valley: $55,357

Foto: source Shutterstock

3. New York – Long Island: $61,113

Foto: Our Story Bridal in New York City source Sarah Jacobs/Business Insider

2. New Jersey – North/Central: $62,074

Foto: source Shutterstock

1. New York – Manhattan: $76,944

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