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  • In less than four months, crypto hedge fund BKCoin Capital has doubled its assets to $130 million.
  • Founders Carlos Betancourt and Kevin Kang told Insider about the firm’s 5 trading strategies.
  • They also shared an altcoin whose recent upgrade has unlocked tremendous demand and upside.

In just over three years, Carlos Betancourt and Kevin Kang – a pair of former Wall Street traders – have grown their crypto hedge fund to an 11-person operation overseeing $130 million in assets under management.

But the journey hasn’t always been easy, the founders of BKCoin Capital told Insider in an interview at the Chicago Trading Show.

For starters, it took them more than a year to prepare for the fund launch, which turned out to be an arduous process due to the lack of crypto custodians that were ready to service active hedge fund managers back then.

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