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  • Ran Neuner has experienced steep gains and losses since he started investing in bitcoin in 2014.
  • He splits his portfolio based on risk level, with the majority of his holdings in strong cryptos.
  • He allocates a small portion to cryptos he thinks could explode in value but could also go to zero.

Early-stage investing has its risks but also its rewards. Matthew Le Merle, the cofounder of a crypto venture capital fund, estimates that about 60% of traditional VC firms fail, while a mere 10% go on to do really well.

Hitting a potential jackpot also means being ready to take a lot of losses, something individual investors aren’t always ready or willing to do. The crypto market is particularly volatile, and swift wipeouts could send many new projects packing. From May 18-19 alone, the crypto market lost $460 billion in market cap after ether and other altcoins plunged with bitcoin, according to Coindesk.

Ran Neuner is no stranger to crypto profits and losses. He told Insider that 2017 was a year when he experienced the most wealth from investing in bitcoin, but he had much less to show for it after the market plunged in 2018.

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