• A British photographer said he accidentally called the Queen "girl" during a shoot in 2014. 
  • David Bailey, who's photographed an array of models and celebrities, said they had "a laugh."
  • Bailey also shot portraits of Princess Diana in 1988, who he said had "terrible hair" at the time. 

A British photographer said Princess Diana had "terrible hair" in the late 1980s and recounted the time where he accidentally called the Queen "girl" in an interview published by The Telegraph on Monday. 

David Bailey, whose photography portfolio includes shots of the likes of Kate Moss, Jack Nicholson, and David Bowie, was behind the previously unseen black and white photograph of Diana, taken in 1988 when she was 27 and released earlier this month.

The photo, which royal watcher Amanda Matta tweeted was reminiscent of the princess' "Shy Di" era, is now on display at her former Kensington Palace home, according to a press release by Historic Royal Palaces.

Princess Diana in 1988, photographed by David Bailey. Foto: Historic Royal Palaces/David Bailey

But Bailey, 84, did not mince words when it came to Diana's 1980s heavily hair-sprayed look — he told the publication's reporter Lucy Davies that the Princess of Wales had "terrible hair" when he shot her and likened it to being as "solid as a plastic dummy."

When it came to Diana's personality, though, Bailey gave a much more positive review. He recalled a moment in the shoot where an assistant accidentally dropped a light on her head.

"I thought, oh F---!" he said of the moment it happened, according to The Telegraph, but added that Diana responded: "Don't think about it; it was a terrible accident."

"I told her she had been very magnanimous," he told the publication. "That's right, because she asked me what magnanimous meant."

In 2014, during a photoshoot with Queen Elizabeth II who would've been around 88 at the time, Bailey said he slipped up by calling her "girl" while trying to loosen her up on camera. 

Bailey's 2014 portrait of the Queen. Foto: Foc Kan/WireImage Image

He told Davies he began by jokingly asking her if the "jewels" she wore were real, which garnered a smile from the monarch, and followed by saying: "I bet that cost a few bob, girl," which is British slang for some money.

"It just came out," Bailey said. "I call everyone 'girl.'"  

"But she was girlish. Made a real effort. We had a laugh," he added, and complimented the Queen on her "beautiful skin." 

Buckingham Palace did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment. 

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