Good morning! This is the tech news you need to know this Wednesday.

  1. President Trump lashed out at Apple for refusing to help the FBI unlock a shooter’s iPhones. In a tweet the US President said: ‘They will have to step up to the plate and help our great Country, NOW!’
  2. The NSA found a ‘severe’ security flaw with Microsoft Windows 10 and urged users to upgrade immediately. In a rare move the intelligence agency reported the issue to Microsoft which rolled out an update in response.
  3. US officials amped up pressure on the UK to ditch Huawei at a potential cost of $8.8 billion. A US delegation visited the UK this week to warn against using Huawei 5G equipment, saying it was “nothing short of madness.”
  4. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos received a heated reception during his visit to India. The e-commerce giant is facing an antitrust probe and attacks from small business owners in the country.
  5. Grindr and Twitter have been accused of unlawfully sharing users’ data. An investigation by the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC) found that the companies’ advertising was “out of control.”
  6. Google is acquiring Pointy, an Irish startup that helps people find out what their local stores have in physical stock. Pointy is headquartered in Dublin, and allows people to check what their local shops currently have in stock.
  7. Experts have cited network effects as one reason why Visa made its bold play for fintech startup Plaid in a $5.3 billion mega-acquisition. Plaid connects developers, consumers, and banks, its acquisition allows Visa to become a broader payments infrastructure provider.
  8. Equifax has agreed to pay $380.5 million to resolve a legal dispute over a 2017 hack which saw the data of 147 million Americans leak. A court in Georgia approved the settlement for the credit rating agency over the hacking allegations.
  9. Amazon has lifted its ban on FedEx’s Ground network for third party Prime deliveries. The shift comes a month after the company slammed the delivery service for performance issues.
  10. Tesla is now selling a $45 ‘bulletproof’ t-shirt that pokes fun at its Cybertruck launch event. The shirt has an image of shattered glass on the front and the Cybertruck logo on the back mocking its viral November debut.

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